Hola amigo’s!

Banana and the two pumpkins have now been in Athens for 2 weeks. And it has been one funky adventure!

Within those two weeks, I have crossed 3 borders (sure I slept through most of it, but I was still proud of myself), and stayed for 6 days in a particularly small studio-apartment without wrecking anything or driving mom and dad to insanity (although given 2 more days I think I might have).
In fact, I was so well behaved  and generally adorable that I managed to get mom and dad some free coffees on our last day in the Kesariani neighbourhood! Tell me. Why is it that when I am being super cute, it’s mom and dad who get the free stuff?

Later,  I was extremely turbulent at our couchsurfing host’s place. That made mom and dad really stressed and made them spend two hours late at night in the park thinking of a plan B! When I realized we might be leaving our couchsurf spot because of my bad behaviour, I became the world’s best dog ever! I licked our couchursfing host’s dog instead of biting her, napped on the bed instead of running everywhere like a mad goose, and even asked the dog for a spot on her cushion instead of just stealing it! Everyone was incredibly proud of me, and we ended up staying with our friends for 5 whole days.

The other couchsurfers were so impressed by my social skills that we even tried going to a bar all together. Wouh! That was way too much! I absolutely DO NOT like bars. They are evil.  But what I do love are dog parks! Who invented those?! They are fabulous! I can run around and play and nap and eat catpoop (don’t tell my parents!). It is also where I learned to play fetch. Yes yes, I am now a fetcher, and I will fetch anything, even a quarter of a pinecone. It is also a great place to meet dog-loving people, like this nurse who told us all about the refugee camp on her home island. There, she is helping many people who left their homes, but she can only help so many: on our way to Athens, we saw lots and lots of tents with moms hanging clothes on the trees and children running around, and men waiting in long lines. I think we will have an even better idea of the refugee situation on our way to Turkey next month.

But I had a little misery of my own later that day:  mom and dad put a muzzle on my face for the first time! A MUZZLE, guys! We had to take the train to the port that afternoon, and the Security lady wouldn’t help mom with indications until I was muzzled. Silly lady. She didn’t know I had become the world’s best dog ever. So that happened and it was awful, but it was just another new thing I could check off my Big Girl Ain’t Scared o’Nothin list.

And the most magnificient thing that I have achieved while in Athens, was something mom and dad have been wanting to do for a looooong time. Go out without me! It hurts my feelings of course, but they really wanted to try leaving me home alone. And it had never worked! Until now! Our couchsurf host babysat me and I was an angel, just playing and laying with my doggie friend, all silent and everything! Mom and dad could finally have their silly dog-lesss walk, whatever that looks like.

I have to go now, because I am meeting mom’s mom and sister for the first time tonight! Woop woop!  I’m trying to keep my cool, but really I just hope I don’t pee on the carpet. Fingers crossed.

Ciao amigos! banana paw Banana!


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  1. Geneviève says:

    You will love your grandma!!!


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