Ma famille Canadienne


This story has a meaning. A moral. It is a striking example of how overwhelming challenges and even shattering disappointments can lead to fabulosity.

But you have to read til’ the end. That’s where the candy is. At the end.

I made one mistake, ONE!
Grandma Didi and Auntie Val had come to visit us in Greece. They came all the way from Canada! Just to see me! Ok they probably came for the beaches and the warm sun and the delicious Greek food, but I like to think I was the main attraction here. So when Grandma decided to celebrate our reunion with “sundowners”, (that’s when you drink fuzzy drinks from shiny glasses and indulge in chips and olives as you watch the sun go down) a very terrible thing occured: I saw a cat. And you know me, big cat fan, so I just HAD to run very fast to him and say hello. But little did I know that my leash was actually tied to the table’s leg. It’s all a big blur, everything happened so fast… But the next thing I know, Grandma is screaming in pain holding her foot super tight, the shiny glasses are like many many  tiny shiny glasses all over the floor, the chips are all scattered over Auntie Val and… the cat was gone. It was quite the embarrassment.

image1 (33)

BUT! One hour later, I was forgiven :)! There’s even a picture here of me sharing a chair with Grandma like nothing happened. Everything was poppyseeds and Prosciutto for the rest of the trip except that one time I pooped where I shouldn’t have but to be honest, my otherwise exemplary behaviour was totally overshadowed by a strike. And a problematic one too! Although I hear all strikes are problematic by nature, but it was my first one so I was really annoyed.

Grandma had planned the trip to Greece throhoughly, with great dedication and an unusual rate of unpleasant e-mails to reply to.  So when we arrived at our home in Tinos after hours of travel by taxi and boat and car and daddy’s arms because of bridges, we were thrilled to know that we would be staying put for 6 days. 6 days! On this majestic island, right next to the beach! With our own car and an awesome playlist and so many sights to see! It was paradise. And it was ours for a week. At least that’s what we all thought…

Not even 24 hours on this island, and we get told we have to hop on the next ferry back to the mainland or risk staying here for pretty much ever! And of course, the last ferry was leaving in two hours. So we hopped back into the car, drove to the beautiful home we’d rented, packed faster than lightning and jumped on the last boat back to Athens. Had it been up to me, I would’ve chosen to risk staying here forever. But sometimes you just gotta remind yourself you’re a dog, know what I mean?

So you might be thinking at this point that this was a disaster. All this hard work Grandma put into planning everything, just to be stranded in Rafina with heavy backpacks and a dog and nowhere to go. But it was an adventure! We stayed at a hotel (Me! In a hotel!), spent hours on Airbnb looking for somewhere to stay on such short notice (although me, dad and mom slept through most of that part…) and rented a car with no clue where we were going! Just a vague guess of where things might be interesting… And where a home might be available. Sooooooooooooooo wild.

We (Grandma really…) eventually found an interesting AND available home for the rest of the trip! But here is the cherry on the tomato… I LEARNED TO BE OFF THE LEASH! For weeks, mom and dad had tried to train me.  But you know how much I love lizards. They’re just so tasty. And fast. So me without leash always ended up no good. But for some reason, the big wheat field behind this new home had some sort of magical power that made me run back to mom and dad whenever they called me! So that is the story of how I once was a stray dog, then a dog on a tight leash, and now a dog somewhere in between.

The grand morale here my friends, is that when you get kicked off an island, you might as well learn to run free in a wheat field.


Mom says I should enroll in Phylosophy at College. But I want to stay humble about my wiseness, you know?  Maybe just write a book or two before I get any big ideas.
That’s it for now, folks! Next stop: Rhodes!

Ciao ciaobanana pawBanana



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