The reunion

As you all could read in my first story, my life in Alora was about to come to an end. The lovebirds were off to Morocco and they reserved a (temporary) spot in this lovely Animal sanctuary for me, so off we went.

“Goodbye my friends!”

It was the 22nd of December, I didn’t sleep at all because I was really stressed. I did not want to leave Charlie and Jaro but I was sort of excited about this new place I was going to. Jaro and Charlie had told me there were loads of dogs to play with there and that the lady who ran the place was very nice.

It was around 11 in the morning and off we went. Jaro and Charlie rode the mountain bikes and I ran on the leash next to Jaro. We first had to cycle\run for 5 kilometers until we continued our travel by car.

Jaro’s good friend Sharon had offered to bring me to the shelter. So after our cycle trip we all jumped in her car and headed to my temporary house. It was terribly silent in the car. Nobody looked forward to this moment. Jaro was sitting in the front with Sharon and I was on the backseat with mom. We were cuddling and deep in my heart I knew that I would see Charlie and Jaro again.

When we arrived at the shelter, nobody was there so we had to wait a bit. I could hear the dogs barking but in my head it was awkwardly silent. Now that the moment was there, I didn’t want to leave Charlie and Jaro. Dogs can’t really cry but my heart was in so much pain…

Finally, Kim, the nice lady that owns the shelter, arrived. She took me in her arms and I felt better. She told Charlie and Jaro that she would take good care of me and showed me around to meet all the other dogs.

The first week was hard for me. I didn’t make any friends yet and I missed the lovebirds. After that it went better and better. I learned how to protect my food, played with all the other dogs during the day and slept in a nice doghouse during the cold Spanish winter nights.

“C’est moi!’

I almost forgot about Charlie and Jaro when I saw Kim’s computer in the office. Normally I don’t spy on other people, but this time was different. I spotted that Facebook was opened and a message popped up. *dingding*. It was a message from Charlie and Jaro! They were confirming the adoption! I felt so good! I think that they were hoping I would get adopted by someone if I stayed at that Rescue shelter. Re-homing young dogs from shelters is much easier than older dogs! But deep down, we all know that Charlie and Jaro wanted to come back for me the second they left me there…
But I ALWAYS  knew they would come back for me! They wrote that they were coming to pick me up on the 16th of march, on Jaro’s birthday! They also sent some pictures of Morocco. And to be honest, Morocco looks amazing. I hope Charlie and Jaro want to return one day WITH ME :)!

After weeks of looking forward to my reunion with the lovebirds, finally the day was there!

On the 17th of March, Charlie and Jaro came to pick me up at the Shelter in Fuengirola. This is where my life as a traveller officially began! 
Because of Charlie’s Canadianness, she can’t stay in the Schengen area for longer then 90 days within 180 days. It sounds difficult I know, I don’t understand it myself but they do and that is the most important!

Anyway, in this case it means that we had to get Charlie out of the Schengen area within a week and it had to happen by land. So the lovebirds decided to run to Croatia to escape the Schengen area. It was a crazy 10 day adventure of Couchsurfing hosts not answering their door, riding in strange cars, hopping on busses and trains and all other machines I had never seen before. It was insane! But we finally made it to our apartment in Trogir, Croatia. And this would be our very first home, the three of us together!








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