Little Vienna

Hello folks!
Just to inform you about my current change of location to keep you guys happy while you’re waiting for part2 of my ‘biography’.

After a 7 hour blablacar ride we arrived in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.
We moved away from the beach for a week. We swapped the sea for the forest, beachsand for mud, the lizards for pigeons and the sunshine for rain. But… we all know what Micheal Jordan once said:
“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation”.

So that’s what I did! I danced the rain away, played in the mud, ran up the stairs, chased crows and last but not least I confiscated the biggest chair in the house!!

Saturday we will be heading to beautiful Greece! 20 hours in the car, but at least I can sleep on mommy’s lap!

Oh and before I forget! I became dog of the week, according to a Dutch website, my daddy writes articles for. I am super proud of myself!

hond van de week

Hasta Luego  banana paw Banana


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