Bye Bye summer!

Long time no see!

First of all, I apologize for being gone so long. As you probably guessed, it was my mum and dad’s fault, certainly not mine!

But so much interesting stuff happened since my last post!
Dad quit smoking, I’m back on the lead at all times (yuck!), and mum’s hair is shorter than a newborn chicken’s.

At the moment, we are house sitting in Maidstone, United kingdom. Here we are, all cuddled up together, planning my mum and dad’s wedding …

Wait, WUT? ! Wedding?! Yes, mum and dad decided to walk down the aisle, in the kingdom of the Netherlands. And guess what? The whole Canadian part of the family decided to come over! Yes, yes I know… A lot has happened since the last time I typed a word, but better late than never!

Let’s start from the beginning!

After our lovely time in Macedonia, the next destination was Bulgaria. Mum and dad found a house-sit for three months in a little Bulgarian village in the east of the country.

On October 23rd, we jumped in the taxi and off we went!
The taxi ride was only supposed to last 6 hours, but after 2 hours the trouble started – humongous queue at the Macedonian-Bulgarian border. It was the weekend and loads of families decided to visit the neighbouring country for a little holiday. Sweet for them, bitter for us..
For your information, I don’t mind travelling by car as long as we actually move.
Waiting and standing still is my worst nightmare.
Mum and dad don’t like it either, but that’s more because of my barking I suppose…
So after a good 2 hours waiting at the border, we were finally back on track – 4 hours to go!
By the time we arrived in the village, it was already dark.
That, and the fact my mum and dad don’t own a phone caused an endless search for the right house!
We were a raging mess: an unpatient taxi driver that was very very far from home, a very tired mum, dad smoking 2 cigs a minute and of course, me, being ridiculously  after a day in the car. Oh and the 4 of us walking in circles looking for the right house!
We were lucky that the taxidriver could speak the language, eventhough most people weren’t very helpful.
The 27th person that came along that night was! He was around 50 years old, smoking a sigar and smelling like he had a beer too much – or 10!  He walked towards us, mumbled a bit and pointed to a house around 50 meters away.

Dad and I walked to the house and *putamadre*  it was the right house!

We were warmly welcomed by the precious housesitters and went straight to bed! It was a long, long day, but we arrived in Bulgaria for our first, 3 months lasting – housesit!
It was sunny, there was a lovely dog (+ 5 cats) and we were in the middle of nowhere, just how we like it!


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    shorter than a newborn chicken’s? Pics?


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