Home Sweet Home

After a hot and difficult,  but still really enjoyable time in Morocco we are back in the country I was born. Not in the same region but very close… We are in Orgiva,  a little town at the bottom of the Sierra Nevada.



We are pretty far from the beach, but… we have pool! The people here are super friendly,  I can play off the lead with the my doggy friends and I can roam around freely around the house whenever I wish. Things that were never possible in Morocco.

Las Palomas

We live here in a cosy Spanish casita, with lovely neighbours and – not unimportant – surrounded by nothing more than endless countryside. We are taking care of a lovely dog named Coco. Eventhough Coco and I fight about almonds, branches and whatnot,  we get along very well.

The perfect home

But what exactly makes a good place to live for me and my parents? Obviously we need internet, otherwise my parents would not be able to work and how do you think I share my stories?
Second of all we love nature. Of course because of my urge to be around rabbits and lizards, but also because mum and dad are much happier in a remote place surrounded by mountains and olive trees.



Sometimes I overhear mum and dad talking about the future. And no they don’t talk about babies, cars and working in an office.
No, they are talking about building a container home on a Greek deserted island.
A place of their own in the sun, where they can stay for 6 months a year. A place where I can run around safe and where they grow their own tomatoes and watermelons.
I’m not sure if that place exists, but I get all warm inside by the thought of it.


Live in the moment

But that’s all for the future. Knowing my parents, they won’t be able to sit still for a period of 6 months anytime soon and to be completely honest,  I love being on the road every few months myself.
We will be here in Orgiva for another 2 weeks and I can’t describe how much we are going to miss it. I hope that if ever mum and dad can’t find their Greek island, they will settle for Orgiva,  a little paradise in the south of Spain.

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Guarding the place!

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