Shit just got real!

Shit just got real!

Better late then never… I know I haven’t been really active on the blog lately, but it’s just so difficult to be productive in this Spanish heat…

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Hot hot hot!

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Anyway, here it is! The story about my mum and dad’s special day!

The big day!

After a few months of jumping borders between the Netherlands and England (more about that later. First things first!) the big day was finally there! The Canadian family arrived in Holland, the pies ready to go and Mum and Dad in the most beautiful outfits. The 26th of May, 2017: The day my parents got married <3!


06:30 AM

It all started very early. The lovebirds had to pick fresh margarets for Mum’s special haircut. Unfortunately I wasn’t there because they went on the Vespa!

Yes, mum they’re beautiful!

07:00 AM

Picking the flowers was one, but now they had to be connected to mum’s hair. Mum and Dad came up with this bright idea of sewing the flowers in her hair – look at dad’s concentration!

08:00 AM

Phototime! The Canadian family arrived at the house and the party began! Coffee, tea and photos… Yes a lot of photos! The lovebirds did not know where to look!

Look at those smiles!

09:00 AM

After hundreds of photo’s and lots of coffee’s everybody was ready to go. Destination: Cityhall Zeist! Mum and Dad on the scooter and the rest of us in the car.


09:45 AM

Everybody arrived safely and it was time for more… PHOTOS! We were welcomed by this funny old guy at City Hall. Funny, but very kind! Normally dogs are not allowed inside the premises, but he made an exception for me!


10:00 AM

We often say in my country that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Well in this case that is definitely true! See for yourself!



11:30 AM

Yes, the job is done! The lovebirds are married! Now it’s time for Pie and coffee before heading towards the canoe-rental. WHUT? Yes, mum and dad planned a canoe trip on the canals towards a lovely pancake house. Well, I love pancakes, but I HATE boats…

01:30 PM

Off we went! On bikes, there are a lot of bikes in the Netherlands – I think they’re scary!

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 18.49.51.png

02:00 PM

At this point my face turned purple! I saw hundreds of boats piled up next to the river – they can’t be serious….


02:30 PM

In the end it was quite enjoyable! Jaro’s best friend Cas started off rowing the boat, but after turning circles for half an hour mum and dad decided to take charge!



03:00 PM

I ended up walking the last part to the pancake house.. There were just so many birds in the river, way too stressful for me!


03:30 PM

PANCAKES! No caviar, no champagne, but delicious beers, a lovely table in the grass and amazing pancakes. I got treated with a lovely juicy bone, so everybody was happy!


04:30 PM

Full stomachs, dizzy heads and brown/red skins. Everybody was fulfilled, but now they had to canoe back to the rental place. I was so lucky that grandma Ineke took me in the car, so no boat for me!


05:30 PM

Back in Lunetten at my grandparents house where little puppy Pitou was already waiting for me! The Canadian family went back to their hotel and the newly weds napped in the garden to gain some energy for the wedding night.


08:00 PM

Crazy as they are, mum and dad did not go to a 5-star hotel… No, they wanted to seize this opportunity to go camping. I stayed behind in the house, I need a REAL bed!


All in all the day was super enjoyable! Mum and dad had the time of their lives and the whole family was happy! I had plenty of cuddles and bones, so I could not complain either. I like weddings… The next wedding I will attend is the one of auntie Liz and uncle Luc next year in Canada. I can’t wait. Winter is coming!



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