Short but sweet!

We were all very very excited for me and mum’s first time ever in Holland. BUT, travelling isn’t always easy peasy! And sometimes, the forces of nature – in this case icy winter cold nature – will go against you. And the best thing you can do is just ride that wave! So when your car ride from Bulgaria to Germany cancels the trip the night before departure (eek!), you just got to take a deep breath and go for a very long walk in Sofia. Like we did! So beautiful!

So our very well planned trip to the Netherlands was cut to more or less 24 hours. Which was disappointing at first. But we decided to make the best of it and fill those hours with tons of fun! And it turns out that 24 hours is just enough time to meet your grandparents and uncle, go on a scooter ride (well, mum and dad. Me I don’t like scooters!!), eat some Kibbeling and cuddle with your family about a 1001 times.

Day 1

Mum and dad had to go to City Hall to do some grown-up stuff for their wedding, so I had spent some quality time with Granny Ienie. I had a great morning and got spoiled to death with threats, massages and kisses! Furthermore I had my hair done! JOKE, but it looks funny, no?
I also analysed the garden to check if there were any squirrels around. And thankfully it was all clear!



The lovebirds arrived in the afternoon and I was very happy to see them. We went on a walk and afterwards, I had to go to the vet for my worm treatment! We always have to see a vet before we cross borders for paperwork and tablets, which means that by now, I’m a total pro at the vet’s! JOKE AGAIN! I still act like a crazy goose when I see a white uniform!
But because I was such a good girl and didn’t cry too too much (and because my parents felt guilty about my thin skin in the cold) they bought me a beautiful jacket! Who is a sexy girl?!

We arrived back home and once again my parents disappeared… Afterwards, I heard they went on a scooter trip, so it was alright. Man, they sure love that scooter! There is one thing I find more scary than ferry boats and that is a scooter – so I don’t go close to those machines!

That was it for the day.  Dinner, tea, Dutch TV (me and mum just make fun of the accent while everyone watches with interest) and straight to bed. Tomorrow is a new day!
A day with a lot of (fun) activities planned. I think I like Holland!



Day 2

The second day, we all had a nice lay-in – Completely deserved!

After that, it was time to unpack the bags – a pile for the washing machine, and a pile of summery clothes to leave in Utrecht, because the UK in February is no place for bikinis! Oh, yes and pack everything back as well because the very next day we were headed to England!

*Dad asked me to cover up his behind and so I did...*

The bags were packed and now the only thing that had to be done was dad’s hair!
Since Turkey, mum is dad’s personal barber and once a month, this is what they look like:


*Don't they look like two Teletubbies?*

So everything was ready for departure! Only one activity was left and that was my favourite activity! Granddad Bas promised to take me (us) to the beach if I would only take a photo with him. DEAL!


*Sorry, I got distracted!*

Bye Bye

So that was it for now! We had a few very, very enjoyable stay at our ‘homebase’ in the Netherlands. But we had to rush to the UK to start a 6 week long adventure of housesits all over the country! I made so many new friends there! Can’t wait to  tell you all about them in my next post!


On our way to the UK!


*Brrrr, scary ferry! Liked the fish though!!*


Ciao Ciao Banana!


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