Heaven in Turkey

İyi günler arkadaşlarım!

I had to go on a scary, really fast ferry, as you could read in my previous story, but we arrived in the country that is responsible for 80% of the worlds hazelnut exports, the country where oilwrestling is the national sport, and the country where Ankara is the capital (not Istanbul!). But enough useless facts, let me tell you my story!

When we finally got off that scary ferry, which was more like a flying speedboat, we jumped in a taxi, that our future workaway host had arranged for us and off we went!
This was the most comfortable taxi ever, big leather seats, surround sound and beautiful rooftopwindows. It was a shame that we only had to travel 90km…
Anyway, around 9pm we arrived at this coasttown called, Kalkan, and there she was, our workaway host, curly blond hair, friendly face and dogloving eyes. I jumped in her arms and we all went for a drink before going to the house. Mum and dad were a bit worried because my previous bar visits weren’t really succesful, but it went all good. I had a little puppy to play with so they could enjoy their drinks.

After a good hour at the bar Maggi’s friend Vahit drove us to the house and it was absolutely beautiful – stonebuild, with a lot of wood, in the middle of the mountains and… 8 dogs and 6 cats :)! Because of the territorial behaviour of some of the dogs I was only allowed to meet with 4 of them the first night and that went quiete well, they were all nice and welcoming!
That night I slept with my mum and dad in bed (obviously) and it was hectic because I could smell all the other doggies but some of them I hadn’t met yet!
The next morning I had to go with mum in front for the walk because it was best to meet the other furry friends outside. Dad and Maggi followed us with the pact of 4 and then we finally met! The beginning was a bit difficult, as always, but after that walk the ice was broken.
I am now part of the gang – the lowest rank, but still! Let me introduce you to my new friends:


This beautiful huskey is the alpha (fe)male. She is the boss and decides when everybody has diner. But, you guys know me I am never afraid, so I am one of the few that dares to play with her as you could see in my video.

This is one of the others that goes against Anushka’s regime. Jack is one of the bosses as well and she hates, I repeat, HATES cars. When she sees one on a walk she almost pulls daddy all the way down the mountain so strong is she.


This is one of my favourite cuddle mates! He cuddles a lot with mum and dad as well which concerns me a bit, because they are MY parents in the end! Besides this he is a great loving golden retriever. We even nap together as you can see!

This is the only dog that’s smaller than me – thank god. I might be the ‘newbie’ but not the tiniest dog around, gheghe. She is one of my besties as well!

This is my running mate, she is the only one that is (almost) as fast as me and we regularly have races on the mountain together.


This is more a wild dog than a proper housedog. Vin lives outside the house and guards the house from angry villains and burglars. Size doesn’t matter, because he scares them all away!


This big girl is difficult to judge. Sometimes she wanted to play with me but when she is sleeping, oh god, you better stay away from her!


Marron is one of the ‘silent types. He is sleeping most of the time and enjoys the peace at this beautiful place. I don’t really have a connection with him.


This is the newest arrival. She was dumped together with her brother in a garbagebin in Kalkan. A friend of Maggi found them. The little boy is adopted but Portakal not (yet). We think she is around 4 weeks old and she is really playful as you could see in the video’s ( 1 and 2 )

We had the time of our lives. I played all day with the dogs, mum and dad worked their asses of and enjoyed the beach and daddy got a new haircut. Not sure if he looks like a rooster or like Johnny Depp, but mum loves it and thats the most important!


So now you know all my newmade friends and  I beg mom and dad everyday to stay here forever but as you know: “All good things come to an end”.
Next stop: Porto Rafti, mum and dad rented a beautiful place through Airbnb and they have a dog as well, so I wont be lonely!

But first we have 5 more days in Turkey and my parents decided to go on a little holiday to Patara and Fethiye before heading back to Greece and those were five stressful days, puta madre… You will read about it in my next post!

Hasta la vista! Banana


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