I’m famous!

Hola Amigos,

My parents also work for Anonygo, an application for your smartphone where you can post pictures anonymous. The only thing you know about the photographer is his or her location.

Anyway, most pictures they take with Anonygo include my pretty face (of course). So I was literally dominating the Anonygo feed! That is the reason one of my parents co-workers came with the great idea of writing a blogpost about me. You can read a bit of the article here!
Note: I am a bit shocked by the fact that they think I have a P*nis, but I will forgive them!


This Dog has More Stamps in His Passport than You

This lovable creature initially come to our attention in April. Since then this brown Podenco dog has become a staple on the Anonygo feed. His name is Banana and you can say travel is his hobby. In 3 months he’s been to 3 different countries and shows no sign of slowing down. Banana is going places for sure. [ Read more… ]



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